Projects & Programmes

Planning ongoing. For inquiries regarding collaboration and timelines, please email the LGBT Chamber.

An evening social event that highlights and celebrates the work and contribution of LGBT and our allies.

An evening of lively discussion, introductions, and a flair for business excellence &  pride.

A workshop program for LGBT youth — as they take on leadership roles in the community and industries in the region

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression session for high level leaders

An LGBT Chamber-style series of cocktails and business mixers and professional networking during Pride Month.

Announced in 2015, this program highlights great spaces for LGBT in various locations in the country.

Highlevel explorations of LGBT artists, themes, studies in culture, art, design, and society in the region.

Educational series for professionals development and discussions on current events about our work in Diversity.

Let’s us all celebrate PRIDE and DIVERSITY through great food and drinks!

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