The British Council presents “The Tempest Reimagined”

IN THE PHOTO: Diversity Chamber board members Evan Tan and Brian Tenorio with Nicholas Thomas and friends from the British Council at the Premiere Gala of the Tempest Reimagined. British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad chats up the audience before the play (photo below).
Board members of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce were invited to the Premiere Gala of The Tempest Reimagined by the dviersity advocacy ally British Council with PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association).

Premiere Gala of The Tempest Reimagined, which is a co-production between the British Council and PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). It is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest set on a Philippine island hit by super typhoon Haiyan, and incorporates stories of the storm’s survivors. It features award-winning artists from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), Hong Kong, and Japan. The play is directed by Nona Shepphard, while the script is co-written by Shepphard and Liza Magtoto.