“…Diversity is the future of humans in industry.”

Chamber Chair, Brian Tenorio
at the Asian Development Bank

In the photo: Chamber Chair Brian Tenrio, Congresswoman Geraldine Roman, the first openly transgender woman elected to the Congress of the Philippines and recently cited by Motto (a subsidiary of Time Magazine) to be one of the 13 most inspiring women of 2016 globally, and Jogendra Ghimire, Senior Counsel of the Asian Development Bank

Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Chair Brian Tenorio:

“Just this year, theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, wrote that technology and automation will wipe out jobs that involve muscle, precision, and most mechanical skill sets. But jobs that involve compassion and caring, understanding and human interaction, creativity, and resourceful thinking, will be left untouched. With this, it may be easier to theorize that diversity is the future of humans in industry. “